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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - December 2012

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

President Witemeyer’s Residence
December 1, 2012
Approved by the Board January 5, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in the home of Hugh Witemeyer.  Present were Board members:  Hugh Witemeyer, Valerie Scott, Scott Sharot, Marty Epstein, Regina Bell-Dawley, Micah McCoy, Reeve Love, Denise Schulz, and Ninette S. Mordaunt.  Absent were:  Linda McAlister and Donna Barra.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Witemeyer opened the meeting at 10:11 a.m., and graciously accepted the thanks from the Board for hosting the meeting in his home.

2a. Approval of the November 2012 Board Minutes

Marty Epstein moved that the minutes be accepted; Denise Schulz seconded, and the brief November minutes were duly approved.

2b. Treasurer’s Report [not on the Agenda originally]

Denise Schulz gave a brief report.  Marty Epstein suggested that even though we are on budget at this point, we should continue to look at ways to cut expenditures, and also to discuss the next budget before July.

3. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports: Questions and Discussion

Since Linda McAlister has been in the hospital (though now home), no report had been prepared for the Buzz Committee.  Denise Schulz gave an oral report for the Directors Circle, noting that today’s meeting had to be cancelled.  Along with the Web Committee Report, these missing reports will be included in the full Committee Report as soon as possible and sent out to the Board at a later date.

4. Motion from Membership Committee

Marty Epstein suggested we make the offer of a reduced dues fee a permanent change, and on this basis Denise Schulz made the following motion: 

That the ATG annually offer a reduced dues level of $15.00 ($7.50 for students) for Individual Memberships, to begin after December 1st and end on June 30th of the following year – which was later amended and voted upon via email to:  Be it moved: that the ATG annually offer a 50% reduction of dues levels for all Individual Memberships that begin after December 1 and end on June 30 of the following year. 

Scott Sharot seconded this motion, which was carried by the Board.

5. Old Business

a. Season Preview Fair
Hugh Witemeyer and Kay Grant of TLC have been working on the possibility of a Season Preview.  Since State Fair plans won’t be finalized until next summer, we cannot count on being part of the State Fair.  They will look into other venues.

b. Airport Display
The issue here is the time investment, but Marty Epstein pointed out that it is a low/no-cost venture.  The Board supported the idea of having Val Scott go ahead and book it since it will be in October 2014, with time to prepare, and we should keep our options open. 

6. New Business

a. TLC Panel on Theatre Costuming
TLC will host a panel on Saturday February 2, 1:30-3:30 p.m., at the MTS Black Box Theatre.  It will be chaired by Barbara Bock with three costumiers discussing their work.  Rosemary Gallegos and Joe Moncada have already been booked; the third person is TBA.

b. Terry Davis Update from National Arts Marketing Meeting
Terry Davis attended the national marketing convention and as is his custom, will give a powerpoint presentation/recap of it on December 8, in the Popejoy Lounge at 2:00 p.m.

c. ATG Social Event
After a discussion on the importance of a social function for our members it was decided we could do it relatively inexpensively with a potluck from the Board, and other members could contribute.  We decided on Sunday March 10, with a “Spring Forward” theme.

d. AACT National Awards Nomination
Hugh Witemeyer reported that all who responded on this issue were in favor of nominating ourselves.  Therefore he suggested that we organize a sub-committee to work on this – by the January 8 deadline.  This sub-committee will consist of Hugh Witemeyer, Denise Schulz and Reeve Love, and will meet as soon as possible.

7. Action Plan from Board Retreat

Referring to a distillation arising from Libby Madden/Regina Bell-Dawley’s report on last month’s retreat, President Witemeyer singled out two types of resources: financial and human.  Since the full list of retreat suggestions cannot be addressed in the next few months, we should pull out the most important ones to focus on. Marty Epstein suggested we need to tie financial and non-financial concerns together. Hugh suggested we need to consider our Mission before March and pay particular attention to our timeline on all of these issues.

Marketing Report: The Buzz Committee should review the marketing report and bring suggestions to the Board. Meanwhile, all Board members should review the marketing report (which Hugh will re-send) and be prepared to discuss it at the January meeting, before the Buzz Committee gets back to us, so that we can all understand the suggestions brought forth. We should also evaluate the money to be spent on implementing the recommendations of the report, and be especially aware of the solvency of ATG.

Reducing Expenses

Budget Review: Marty Epstein suggested that the Board revisit the 2012-13 budget at its next meeting, to see if adjustments of expenditures might be made. Marty also reminded us that we need an estimate of how much money will be coming in from renewals of memberships in 2013-2014. The Board endorsed both of these suggestions, and Hugh promised to send the current rosters of Individual and Organizational members along with a summary of expected dues income.

Buzz Committee Expenditures: There was much discussion on the need to decentralize and reorganize the Buzz Committee. It might be better if the Committee were restructured into separate, smaller groups that handle the different aspects of marketing and promotion (e.g., brochure, digital media, social media) with a close eye on the expenses of each. The Committee itself should be asked to recommend a new structure.


Individual Memberships: Val Scott, Regina Bell-Dawley and Ninette S. Mordaunt will get together to talk about boosting individual memberships.

Donations: We need to identify a fund-raising person skilled in development to lead a campaign. Denise Schulz suggested that Terry Davis might know some possible candidates, but all Board members should be pro-active in searching out a likely candidate.

Grants: Reeve Love expressed her willingness to work on a committee that will identify and pursue appropriate grants; Donna Barra has said she will head such a committee.

Business Affiliates: Reeve also suggested that the Membership Committee’s proposal for an ATG Business Affiliate program be pursued, and expressed her willingness to participate in that effort.

8. Next meeting

The dates for the next few meetings will be:  Saturdays, January 5, February 2, and March 2. Venues TBA.

9. Adjournment

Marty Epstein moved to adjourn the meeting and Denise Schulz seconded; the meeting was adjourned at 11:59 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Ninette S. Mordaunt, Secretary

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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