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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - December 2013

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

December 7, 2013
Approved by the Board February 1, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in an undisclosed location at Explora. Present from the board were Vicki Marie Singer, Brian Haney, Denise Schulz, Beth Welt, Micah McCoy, Valerie Scott, Ann Beyke, Vernon Poitras, Nan Williams, and Reeve Love. Also in attendance was Linda Lopez McAlister. Leslee Richards was absent.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

Vicki called the meeting to order at 12:16 pm, and thanked Beth and Explora for the use of their space.

2. Approval of the October 2013 Board Minutes

Moved by Denise and seconded by Nan, the Minutes from October were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report

  • Denise distributed the report at the meeting. July-November were listed.
  • Some remainder of the McCune grant needs to be spent by January 1. The money is not currently reflected, but Denise assured us it is still present and accounted for.
  • Since the Fundraising Committee is official, it now needs to be reflected on reports.
  • Month-to-month reporting will begin in January.
  • Unity Committee is missing from the report; Denise will look into the info and resend.
  • Moved to accept by Brian; seconded by Nan: approved unanimously.

4. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports:

  • These were distributed via e-mail to the board. Vicki wanted to spend very little time reviewing them unless there were issues noted by anyone.
  • Vicki made the statement that she truly appreciates the reports being provided by Committee heads, and is thankful to them for their hard work each month.
  • Action Item: PR Individual Peter St. Cyr—paying him the full amount that had been paid to prior PR representative (which is to say $250/month).
  • Vicki brings up the point that the PR (Peter) is a representative of ATG; that we are subsidizing it…having acknowledgement of ATG is important.
  • Discussion of “upublic”—the new station to replace public access (Channel 27) and other television programs that feature a “What’s happening in town this weekend?” segment.
  • Question: How are promos chosen? Linda commented that it’s usually done by the producers of the TV show.
  • Peter St. Cyr is well-connected. Perhaps he could be asked to do more?
  • Ann Beyke mentioned a gal who is producing 40 shows on upublic and will email her.
  • Vicki asks the board whether we feel he’s done his work well, and whether we should approve a higher amount.
  • Denise: concern regarding the installation payment—asked Linda while she was present, and discussion led to researching past payments to former PR folk.
  • Ann asks if we have a formal contract with Mr. St Cyr—we do not currently, but the board feels that a formal contract would be appropriate.
  • Ultimately, there was a motion by Val that we pay Mr. St Cyr $250 per month, that was seconded by Nan. Motion carried by unanimous agreement of the Board.

5. Old Business

Albuquerque Youth Theater Scholarship Fund—Nina Dorrance only wants to handle a part of that task, so we are still looking for someone to take over the full slew of duties.

6. New Business

  • Jonathan Ragsdale and Memphis reception:
    • Vicki has blocked 100 seats for opening night June 5 (these are blocked seats, not purchased specifically).
    • The cast will be staying at Courtyard by Marriott on Yale (north of Gibson). We could possibly have the reception there—must investigate possibilities.
    • Jonathan asked that we invite the entire cast to the reception—need to find out size of the cast for the reception!
    • Could this turn into a fundraiser? Sell above price?
    • Terry (at Popejoy) is willing to sell us tickets at group rate; we can sell at full price with additional amount to cover reception cost, perhaps. Vicki wants to have a committee to take over logistics—Val suggests Unity Committee—Vicki agreed, and has appointed Beth and Brian to help with the organization of the event as well.
  • Our PR person (See above for resolution):
    • Peter St. Cyr’s six month contract with ATG runs out at the end of December.
    • Since July, he has arranged over 40 TV and radio appearances for ATG member theatres and TLC—even more than the 5 a month or so we had expected. The first six month contract was at the very inexpensive rate of $150 per month, far below the $250 per month that we had been paying our previous PR person. During that time Peter has found that he is spending more time than he had anticipated scheduling these appearances. He would like to continue working for us, but at the more standard rate of $250 per month.
    • Since this additional six months was not in the approved Buzz Committee budget, it needs to be addressed by the Board.
    • The Buzz Committee Chair recommends that we contract with him through June 30, 2014 for a total of $1,500 (including a $750 advance due January 1).
    • Since at least 3 of the appearances have been for TLC-related events, we suggest that some of the funds TLC recently transferred to the ATG accounts be used for this purpose.
  • TLC:
    • Board must come up with an administrative fee for them that includes Bookkeeping, PR, Web maintenance. The Finance Committee (consisting of Denise, Claudia and Marty Epstein) will take this task on. Discussion: Contract—add that if TLC is involved in any money-making, some percentage should automatically be allocated to ATG.
    • Kay wants board minutes and committee reports sent to her as well—how does the current board feel about this? Precedent is that she has apparently received them in the past—Beth did not know of this and has not included TLC in the mailing list for Committee/Circle reports nor minutes.
    • Consensus of the board is that we’re agreed that we can send the reports to the Committee Heads and TLC, and should do so henceforth.
  • Retreat rescheduling—after some deliberation, it was agreed that the Board would hold their retreat on January 11 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Location is TBA.
  • Board Member replacements—Micah McCoy, Individual Member Representative, will step down after the retreat in January due to his work commitments. Vicki has requested that the remainder of the Board put their heads together about who to approach regarding replacing Beth as Organizational Member Representative and Secretary.
  • Discussion of ATG’s Annual Party
    • Possibly open it up to the public, but charge non-members a small fee?
    • Linda suggested the NM Humanities Council’s Chautauqua performers be invited.
    • $100 booking fee for the party?
    • Ann asked how much was in the budget for the party; there was no definitive answer.
    • Brief discussion of the venue—someplace new? The North 4th Theater has been generous in the past, but is it a big enough space?
    • Could consider turning the event into a membership drive; the party and drive to be a regular event?
    • Likely a great joint Committee Effort between Fundraising and Unity.
    • General agreement among the Board to pursue a party sometime in the spring. Plans should move forward.

7. Adjournment

Denise moved; Brian seconded the meeting be adjourned. Approved at 1:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Welt, Secretary


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