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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - February 2013

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Albuquerque Little Theatre
February 2, 2013
Approved by the Board March 2, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in the Cantina of the Albuquerque Little Theatre. Present were Board members Hugh Witemeyer, Valerie Scott, Scott Sharot, Marty Epstein, Donna Barra, Linda McAlister, Reeve Love, Denise Schulz, and Ninette S. Mordaunt. Board member Micah McCoy was absent. 

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Witemeyer opened the meeting at 10:04 a.m., and expressed our thanks to Dehron Foster for arranging our meeting in the Cantina of the Albuquerque Little Theatre.

2. Approval of the January 2013 Board Minutes

Marty Epstein moved that the minutes be accepted; Valerie Scott seconded. The minutes were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report and Discussion of ATG Budget

Denise Schulz passed out a monthly report. Following this, Marty Epstein presented copies of a sheet with a budgetary analysis following a Finance Committee meeting (Marty Epstein, Denise Schulz and Claudia Mathes) held yesterday. It generated a lot of discussion about budget considerations. President Witemeyer suggested we have a special meeting dedicated to Budget discussion, to be held on Sunday February 24 at 10:00 a.m., at the President’s home. A subtopic of this discussion was to expand the Individual Membership—with ideas to come from the Committee. One of the ideas presented by Valerie Scott was to have an ATG representative speak to a cast during the rehearsal process about joining, etc., which idea can be implemented immediately. President Witemeyer said that we would provide those speakers.

4. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports: Questions and Discussion

With reference to the Buzz Committee Report, to be expanded later, President Witemeyer asked about our subscription with Constant Contact, the email newsletter. He was told that six months were already paid for, at a cost of $162, and what that subscription covered.

We then reviewed some of the other reports, following with the Unity Committee report on the March 10 social event at the VSA North 4th. Valerie Scott reminded us that the Board members and Heads of ATG Circles will be the major contributors for the food, although some restaurants will also be approached for donations. We need to commit to a particular dish and give it a theatrical name. We also need to solicit a variety of performances for the entertainment part. We will be inviting members to this social event, of course, along with TLC, and other noted personalities. Names and addresses of people we think should be invited are to be sent to Valerie Scott. Valerie will also see about providing a portable keyboard. Although invitations have already been sent out, they will be sent out again as part of our new newsletter.

Donna Barra had a question about the Youth Theatre Outreach process since she is involved in All My Sons, one of the productions on that list. Valerie Scott answered her concerns.

We will drop the “Member Generated Grants” from further reports (until needed).

The Directors Circle is still under the process of getting the next few meetings organized and will probably have a report next month .

President Witemeyer reminded us of the TLC Costume Panel being held this afternoon. He also reported on information from a meeting with the Kirtland AFB Marketing Specialist, Joanne Perkins. The Base apparently has a theatre space not being used, and would like to collaborate with the outside community on theatrical activities. It is possible that outside performances could be brought in for them. They were particularly interested in a dinner-theatre production to be held in their Social Club, perhaps to begin with. It was suggested that they get in contact with Foul Play Cafe. President Witemeyer informed us that over 18,000 people are connected to the Base which makes it a very interesting community to explore.

5. New Business

Replacing Regina. After much discussion on the topic of the Board’s present constituency of organizational reps vs. individual reps, Hugh Witemeyer moved that the Board appoint Vicki Singer (MTS) to fill the position left vacant by Regina Bell-Dawley’s resignation as an organizational member; Linda McAlister seconded and the majority approved.

FYI. Cathy McGill is the (new) Acting Liaison for Rainbow Theatre until another Liaison can be appointed.

6. Old Business

As we were running out of time, President Witemeyer suggested we re-prioritize the topics for discussion under Old Business. Therefore the XtraMark report and Strategic Initiatives were tabled for the next meeting.

It was necessary to discuss liability insurance as our old policy had just expired. At present our best offer was for $950/year from the Philadelphia Co. obtained through AACT. Denise Schulz moved that we purchase this insurance policy as offered as soon as possible. Scott Sharot seconded. A majority approved.

Hugh Witemeyer gave us background information on the Museum exhibit as proposed by TLC. No further action from the Board will be taken at this time.

Season Preview Fair. President Witemeyer reported on a meeting with the Marketing Representative (B. Janecka) of Coronado Mall, with information about a program at Coronado Mall for community organizations to present information about their activities free of charge as long as no fundraising or sales take place. The Season Preview Fair could be held in the Sears Court area (or somewhere in the existing Mall) with possibilities for a stage and tables to be set up. We would need to supply our own loudspeaker system. In connection with the State Fair, two dates were available: Saturday September 14 or the following Saturday, September 21.  Because the State Fair itself does not start planning until July, we cannot wait until then to begin work on this Season Preview, which is why we’re not doing it at the State Fairgrounds and why a secondary venue—especially at no charge for this space at Coronado Mall—is appealing. We agreed to request September 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as our preferred date and time. 

7. Next meeting(s)

The dates for the next meetings will be Sunday February 24 (special meeting on the Budget) at 10:00 a.m. at Hugh Witemeyer’s home, with our regular meeting on Saturday March 2 (venue TBA).

8. Adjournment

Donna Barra moved to adjourn the meeting and Denise Schulz seconded; the meeting was adjourned at 12:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ninette S. Mordaunt, Secretary

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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