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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - February 2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Musical Theatre Southwest Center for Theatre
February 1, 2014
Approved by the Board February 4, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened at the Musical Theatre Southwest Center for Theatre. Present from the Board today were Vicki Singer, Leslee Richards, Ann Beyke, Reeve Love, Val Scott, Vern Poitras, and Beth Welt. Absent were Nancy Williams, Denise Schulz, and Brian Haney.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Vicki Singer welcomed the Board and extended thanks to Musical Theatre Southwest for allowing us the use of their meeting room space this morning.

2. Treasurer’s Report

This item had to be dismissed from the agenda due to sudden illness of Treasurer Denise Schulz. Reports were sent via e-mail, and the board may vote to approve the reports by way of e-mail voting.

3. January 2014 Board Retreat Minutes

A motion to approve the Minutes was made by Vern, and seconded by Val, resulting in unanimous approval. Beth will email the minutes to Webmaster Joel Miller. [Note, it was subsequently decided not to publish these Minutes on the website, as the precedent for previous retreat Minutes was to not release them publicly.]

4. New Business

  • Jonathan Ragsdale and Memphis reception
    • Terry Davis is trying to get the Theatre X space at UNM for the reception after the show. He states that the cast is usually out of costume and make-up very quickly.
    • The Board needs to decide on a price for the reception and what we would want to have there.
    • Vicki has sent a request to Billy at Sadie’s to see if he can provide food.
    • Vern and Val each suggested looking into Peppers. Val will be there on February 7 for a TLC function and will look into this option.
    • Leslee suggested Powdrell’s as a possibility also.

  • Our PR Person
    • Vicki met with Peter St. Cyr this week and discussed more publicity possibilities.
    • Suggestions by the board included attempting to make connections with news organizations that feature community calendars for weekends.
    • As a side-bar to this, there is an article that just got published in ABQ The Magazine about theatre in Albuquerque; ATG had a hand in shaping the article and hopes it represents things well.

  • TLC
    • Denise and Claudia were requested to come up with a monthly administrative fee for TLC that includes bookkeeping, PR, and Web maintenance. As of today’s date that has not yet been completed. Denise/Claudia will rectify this.

  • Board Member miscellany
    • Beth has been appointed by the board to fulfill the remainder of Micah McCoy’s term as an Individual Representative (through June 30, 2014).
    • This means that her spot on the board as an Organizational Representative is now available (also through June 30, 2014).
    • Some suggestions have been made and are being investigated as to possible appointees to fill the vacancy.
    • Nan Williams will be meeting with Hugh Witemeyer to discuss the possibility of taking on responsibilities of Membership Secretary.
    • We still need to fill the Youth Outreach Committee head. Hugh is in touch with Nina Dorrance about fulfilling this position.

  • ATG’s Annual Party, April 27
    • Val mentioned that she and the other members of the Unity Committee have been discussing the party.
    • Theme of the party is “Behind the Masks.” Val is looking into an artist whose recent work was featured on ABQ Arts magazine’s cover.
    • Vicki voiced a concern that goings-on with the party should be put in front of the board for input; Val agreed fully.
    • Discussion about the “ideal” location for the event. All agreed that a member theatre is preferred as the venue.
    • Concerns of the board: tie-ins to Membership Drive
      • Members will be invited (individual and organizational).
      • Who gets to be invited? Boards of the individual theatres? Just members? Members and guests?
      • Ultimately agreed that members, both organizational and individual, to include Boards and their guests would all be included.
      • How that happens is still up for debate.
    • Suggestion that there be a note on the invitation for “Donations Accepted”
      • Perhaps donations given at the event could be applied to new memberships.
      • Those who sign up at the event would get two months (May and June) free.
    • Vicki suggested strongly that Val consider more assistance from folks on the board to help organize the Event.

  • Committee Structure
    • Background—at the retreat, we identified four areas that ATG’s mission strives to cover. The following is the structural breakdown that the Board suggests.
      • ATG Board of Directors Executive Committee, comprised of the four officers.
      • Buzz Committee, chaired by Linda Lopez McAlister
        • Print
        • Social media webpages (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)
        • PR
      • Membership Committee, chaired by Hugh Witemeyer
        • Membership development
        • Record keeping
        • Grant awards, both for organizations and individuals
      • Unity Committee
        • Meet and greet
      • Finance Committee, chaired by Denise Schulz
        • Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee
        • Record keeping: Financials (such as 990; tax forms; Corporate Good Standing forms, etc.)
      • Audience Development Committee, unchaired at present
        • Youth Theatre Outreach
        • High School Preview Nights
        • A Taste of Theatre)
      • TLC is not considered an official Committee of the ATG, but is its own organization underneath the umbrella of ATG
        • TLC is still considered part of the ATG overall; reports shall continue to be submitted to the Board.
        • Kay Grant, as chair/coordinator of TLC will receive Committee and Circle Reports each month.
    • The Board will create an official communication to submit to Committee Chairs. It will state that the board has taken committee structures under review and wishes to implement changes under these guidelines. The wording and approach will be worked on by Reeve and Vicki.

  • Timely Minutes approval via e-mail
    • Background—Minutes have not been posted to the ATG website in a timely fashion; complaints have been received by Beth and Vicki.
    • Vicki’s suggestion is that Beth will prepare Minutes within a week of the Board Meeting.
    • Beth will send out the minutes for the board to review and revise.
    • All revisions must be received by Beth within 72 hours.
    • Board members who do not respond in that time frame will be considered to have approved the minutes.
    • What this means: we will no longer be waiting from one meeting to the next to approve minutes for posting on the ATG website!
    • What this hopefully accomplishes: demonstrated responsibility by the board to communicate with members.

  • KeepItQuerque
    • Clifton’s proposal was stricken from the agenda as the event fell through before we could discuss it.

    • What it is: an enormous calendar, intended to be a fully comprehensive list of, quite literally, everything that is going on in Albuquerque at any given time.
    • Sponsored by the City of Albuquerque, CreativeABQ, and Popejoy Hall.
    • Terry Davis is at the helm of the project. It has been marketed to several cities around the nation (at this time, there are about 45 participants).
    • ATG’s take: we want to ensure that we tout ourselves as “The place to go for all things Theatre in Albuquerque!”
    • Something to consider taking action on in the future, but Vicki wanted to ensure that the board is paying attention now.

  • Southwest Irish Theater Festival
    • Leslee and Vicki met with the group in charge of organizing the Albuquerque side of the Festival.
    • There are three theatres participating by producing Irish plays: The Adobe (Dancing at Lughnasa), The Vortex (Juno and the Paycock), and Aux Dog (The Dead and Gibraltar).
    • The Festival is using the grant money they received from the ATG’s Member Generated Grant program for marketing and publicity.

5. Old Business

Nothing to report upon.

6. Next Meeting

Saturday March 8, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, location TBA.

7. Adjournment

Moved by Vern, and seconded by Leslee, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Welt, Secretary

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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