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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - June 2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

ATG Office Space at The Produce Company
June 7, 2014
Approved by the Board July 12, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild had its first official meeting of the Board in ATG’s new home. Present from the Board were Vicki Singer, Vernon Poitras, Cheri Costales, Brian Haney, Nan Williams, Reeve Love, Val Scott, Ann Beyke, and Beth Welt. Denise Schultz was absent.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Vicki Singer called the meeting to order at 10:02 am, and welcomed the board to our home at the Produce Company for what would be an abbreviated meeting, due to anticipation of Liaisons’ arrival at 11:00 am.

2. Treasurer’s Report

This document was distributed to all present board members. Vicki requested that the board review the document and e-mail with any questions, as Treasurer Denise Schulz is out of town until August.

3. Old Business

  • Board Member Replacement. At the time of the meeting, the board was still seeking nominations to fill an individual member position to replace Leslee Richards.

  • Committee Help. The board is still seeking someone to assist with ATG’s Youth Outreach programs. Val Scott requested to be added to the mailings list of the Youth Outreach committee so as to be kept in the loop, since she has been a member of the Outreach Committee since it was formed, and coordinates efforts such as High School Preview Nights.

  • General Auditions/Workshops. This subject was bypassed for the meeting and will be discussed at a later time.

  • Urban Enhancement Trust Fund Grant Proposal. Due June 29, Fundraising Committee-sought specific project. Racks for displaying the Spotlight on Live Theatre was the board’s suggestion.

  • Office Space Rent at the Produce Company. Vicki requested that the board consider how far in advance the ATG should pay rent. Vern moved for a 3-month chunk. Cheri seconded the motion, and the board voted to pass the motion.

  • Publicity Representation for Member Organizations. Theatre companies have been booking themselves on television, but producers of the shows would prefer to work with Peter St. Cyr directly as a go-between. Vicki pointed out that it was the efforts of the ATG that brought TV spots for theatre companies to light in the first place, and intends to approach the Cell/Fusion and Tricklock to have a conversation with them about joining or renewing their membership with us since we provide a PR person as a service.

4. New Business

  • Air Dance Theater. Debra Landau of this space would like the folks of Albuquerque to know that their space exists, so Vicki brought up their possibly becoming a member of ATG to that end.

  • Albuquerque Free Press. New publication around town that has an Arts section! Vicki met with Stephanie of the AFP regarding their arts coverage. Advertising by the theatres around town is obviously desired by the publication, and Stephanie encourages individual theatres to contact her directly about possibilities.

  • Donation Letters. A suggestion was made that perhaps we should consider sending official “Thank You” e-mails versus mailing a physical letter for donations received by ATG that total less than $25. Cheri mentioned that it is entirely possible to send such a document via Constant Contact. The board generally agreed that it was a good idea, though no official vote was held.

  • Albuquerque Pridefest Booth. Vern gave his feedback regarding the ATG having a booth at the event. His overall sentiment was that we should have a booth at the smaller Los Ranchos event in the future; Pridefest has become very expensive, and there was just not a lot of traffic to the booths this year. Vern also mentioned other possible venues for the board to consider, including the Bernalillo Wine Festival and the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts show during Balloon Fiesta.

  • Publicity Changes. Cheri, having taken over the Web subcommittee of the Buzz committee, discussed several changes that are happening with the ATG emai publicity generated from the ATG web pages and sent out via Constant Contact. Updates that have been made include revamping the information taken from the Performance Calendar, which will become a weekly mailing of “What’s On This Week”, as well as ensuring that links in the email are working properly. She also mentioned the campaign under way on Facebook to promote member organizations by “spotlighting” them. Cheri and Linda Lopez McAlister are each working on Facebook posts at different times of the day in an attempt to maximize views there. Additionally, Constant Contact emails will henceforth have the look of the ATG website. Cheri encourages organizational members to post the best photos possible with their announcement posts to the ATG site so that she can select them for the Facebook campaign and the “What’s On This Week” spots. Val suggested that ATG might possibly offer Member Organizations a lesson/workshop of “how to” with regard to posting onto the website.

  • Honorary Lifetime Membership. T.J. Cardella is the lady who designed the ATG logo for us. She had been granted honorary lifetime membership by the prior board, but has not been kept as an active member. Vicki requested the board consider reinstating this membership for the services rendered by Ms. Cardella. Vern moved to reinstate the membership, and Val seconded the motion. The motion was carried, and Nan agreed to send Ms. Cardella a letter of notification of the fact.

  • Annual Membership Meeting, June 14. A discussion was held regarding food and beverage provisions. Roma Bakery will be donating sandwiches and cookies, fulfilling their in-kind donation in exchange for their advertisement in the Spotlight. Two rounds of invites and reminders have been sent out to the Individual Members of the ATG, so the board is hopeful that there will be good attendance.

  • Board Communication to Members: “Fresh Air”. The discussion of the annual membership meeting led to Vicki bringing up a push by the board to communicate to our members all of the initiatives that have been put into effect in recent months. To that end, the board is going to compile a “talking points” card for all of us to have. This will be worked on in future meetings.

  • AACT Festival 2015. Albuquerque has been selected as the regional host city of the AACT (American Association of Community Theatres) festival coming up in April 2015. A brief discussion was held about whether/how ATG should participate. One point brought up by Ann was promotion of the event to our member theatres. Vicki requested that the board consider other possibilities, and that AACT will need to let us know expectations so that we can be of appropriate assistance.

5. Adjournment/Segue into Liaison Meeting

Vicki called the board meeting adjourned at 11:05 am. The board then met with Rick Nickerson of New Mexico Young Actors and other Member Organizations represented by Board Members, including Enchanted Rose Inn and Theatre (Vern), elite Dance Company of New Mexico (Cheri), Explora Theater (Beth), Musical Theatre Southwest (Vicki), and the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Reeve.) Rick brought a concern to the board that Youth Theatre in Albuquerque was being under-represented, and requested that ATG seek to add the efforts of our young actors and techies to their publicity. Cheri responded by mentioning her recent efforts to spotlight each of the member organizations of the ATG on Facebook, along with updating photos on the website. Rick supports the board’s initiatives and getting the word out about what we’re actively pursuing. One final concern mentioned by Mr. Nickerson was the City of Albuquerque’s recent move to show films instead of pursuing live performances, and that the cost of putting on shows there has risen to nearly unaffordable costs for non-profit organizations. Perhaps ATG could mobilize on behalf of companies such as NM Young Actors to speak to the city.

6. Adjournment of Liaison Meeting

The Liaison Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 pm, following a motion made by Vern and seconded by Cheri. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Welt,
Secretary of the Board

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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