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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - March 2013

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Tricklock Company facility
March 2, 2013
Approved by the Board April 6, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in the Tricklock Company downtown facility at 110 Gold St., SW. Present at the commencement of the meeting were Board Members Hugh Witemeyer, Linda Lopez McAlister, Valerie Scott, Vicki Singer, Marty Epstein, Donna M. Barra and Reeve Love. ATG member Regina Bell-Dawley was also present. Board members Scott Sharot and Micah McCoy joined later. Absent were Denise Schulz and Ninette S. Mordaunt. In the absence of Ms. Mordaunt, Ms. Barra took the minutes of the meeting,

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Witemeyer opened the meeting at 10:02 a.m., and expressed our thanks to Julie Hendren for arranging our meeting in the downtown facility of Tricklock Company.

2. Announcement: Bravo Awards Ceremony

President Witemeyer announced the Bravo Awards Ceremony will be held on March 23, with tickets for $60.00 for the members of Creative Albuquerque and $75.00 for others.

3. Introduction of the New Board Member

Vicki Singer was introduced as the new Board member, replacing Organizational Member Representative Regina Bell-Dawley. Ms. Bell-Dawley was invited to continue to participate in Board Meetings, and the hope was expressed she will run for election as an Individual Member Representative at the next election.

4. Approval of the February Board Minutes

Mr. Epstein moved that the minutes as revised by Ms. Mordaunt be approved; Ms. Scott seconded. The minutes were approved.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was passed out by Mr. Epstein. He explained it had not changed much since the February report, showing a cash balance of approximately $23,000, about where the budget was expected to be at this time. There will be about $9,200 in expenses coming up in March, which really puts the cash balance closer to $14,000. This cash balance does not include the McCune Grant. Ms. Scott moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and the Board agreed.

6. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports

There were no reports for this month.

7. Miscellaneous Discussions, Membership Drive Posters, and Budget Committee

There was a short discussion concerning the design and printing of posters to be posted in theatre green rooms to advertise individual memberships. Ms. Singer volunteered to meet with Ms. McAlister to discuss design and printing costs. Ms. Singer will donate her time to design the poster.

There was also a short discussion about the budget committee, which is to be chaired by Mr. Epstein and consisting of Ms. Barra, Treasurer Schulz, and ATG Bookkeeper Claudia Mathes. There was nothing to update, as they had not met as yet. The Budget Committee’s plan is to contact each committee/circle chairperson to ask for a high and low budget figure. The high figure’s purpose is to not rule out new projects.

8. Creation of Fundraising Committee

There was some discussion regarding the creation of a Fundraising Committee, which was strongly urged by Vice President McAlister. President Witemeyer agreed with the need for long range financial planning. Vice President McAlister moved for the formation of a development committee, seconded by Ms. Scott, with examples set out by Ms. Scott and Mr. Sharot. It was decided to draft an e-mail to the individual ATG members to discover if there are any members interested in serving on such a committee.

9. McCune Foundation Grant

President Witemeyer congratulated Ms. Barra on the award of a 2013 Grant by the McCune Foundation. 

10. Buzz Committee Report.

Vice President McAlister reported the latest issue of the ATG Spotlight on Live Theatre brochure was out, and would be distributed within the week to theatres, libraries and senior centers. There was some discussion about a conversation with Stephanie Hainsfurther about a possible change in the format of the brochure, possibly as an insert, and Vice President McAlister stated she would report back later about further discussions. President Witemeyer encouraged the Buzz Committee to explore other alternatives, and Vice President McAlister stated she and Ms. Singer were discussing other possibilities.

11. ATG Performance Calendar

The ATG March Performance Calendar and Newsletter by XtraMark was sent out on March 1. It was suggested this newsletter come out twice a month, and perhaps the calendar in the middle of the month and articles on ATG or TLC activities at the end of the month. 

12. XtraMark Meeting with Peter St. Cyr

Vice President McAlister had coffee with Peter St. Cyr to discuss a proposal to get more face time with media, perhaps to do our own press release.

13. Albuquerque Journal Local Theater Coverage

It was reported by Ms. Singer that the Albuquerque Journal was not going to review local art groups in the Friday Venue section, but only in the Sunday Arts section.

14. Calendar of ATG Events

President Witemeyer handed out a draft of dates for March-June. The event calendar as such was agreed to by Board, with the exception of the date for the Liaisons Meeting, which was changed to April 20.

15. New Mexico Arts Visit

It was decided it would be worthwhile to set up a meeting with New Mexico Arts with regard to a possibility of ATG’s eligibility for a NM Arts Grant. It was also decided a maximum of three board members should attend such meeting.

16. Membership Lists

Ms. Singer requested a roster of the ATG membership, and President Witemeyer agreed to send it out.

17. 2013-14 Membership Dues Structure

There was a lengthy discussion about the possible change to the Individual and Organizational Membership dues structure.

At this time the Individual Membership dues structure is:

  • Adult single-year membership, $30
  • Adult three-year membership, $75
  • Student one-year membership, $15
The Organizational Membership dues structure is:
  • Organizations (28) with an operating budget of $25,000 or less, $125/year
  • Organizations (7) with an operating budget of $25,000-$100,000, $250/year
  • Organizations (7) with an operating budget over $100,000, $375/year

At the present time we have approximately forty-four (44) Organizational Members and one hundred and twenty-eight (128) Individual Members. We have lost two (2) Organizational Members in the last year (not due to dues) but have gained four or five. Seventy-seven (77) Individual members will lapse in July, 2013, and approximately fifty (50) have three-year Memberships.

After lengthy discussion, the topic was tabled.

18. ATG/TLC Theatre Fair

Kay Grant, President of TLC, gave us a proposal about the Theatre Fair at the Sears Court at the Coronado Mall on September 21 (this activity is in lieu of our previous discussions about a possible appearance at the State Fair).

Ms. Grant and President Witemeyer met with the Coronado Mall Events Coordinator. They were told the Fair was restricted to the Sears Court. The Mall will provide fifteen (15) tables, tablecloth, a total of twenty (20) chairs and the stage, but the sound system was not included. This means probably two (2) organizations to a table, but if we have more participating we can bring our own tables. The stage can be used by organization and individual members.

The Coordinator mentioned approximately 45,000 people pass thru the Sears Court on a Saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. We can place posters at the entrances and the Mall will send an e-mail blast to its Club members. We cannot provide refreshments; there is to be no money exchange, nor donations, nor a raffle, and we cannot sell or solicit. ATG will be responsible for the sound system and the printing of posters and a performance schedule.

Mr. Sharot moved to accept the TLC Proposal to do a Theatre Fair on September 21, and the motion was seconded by Ms. Singer. The motion was approved. Further discussion of the Theatre Fair will be done at the Liaisons Meeting.

It was at this point, approximately 12:00 p.m., when Mr. McCoy and Mr. Sharot left the Meeting.

19. ATG Website Issues

ATG still does not know the cost of purchasing similar domain names or how to link PayPal to the website for purposes of donations or organizational membership dues payments. Mr. Epstein stated he was not sure domain names should be a priority at this time, and Ms. Singer volunteered to check with PayPal on how to link it to the ATG website.

20. AACT Spotlight Award and Regional Weekend

ATG’s nomination of a prominent volunteer for an AACT Spotlight Award has been approved, and the Award will be presented at the May 11 General Meeting. President Witemeyer thanked Ms. Love and Treasurer Schulz for helping to prepare the nomination. 

AACT is having its 2013 regional meeting on March 21 in Los Alamos.

21 Application of McCune Grant to the 2013-14 Budget

There was some further discussion to clarify whether the McCune grant should offset costs other than the brochure. Parts of the terms and conditions of the grant were read, and it was decided the use of the grant was limited to the purpose set forth in the grant application.

22. Board of Convention and Visitors Bureau Election

President Witemeyer brought up the possibility of one of the ATG Board members running for election to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board. No one at the Meeting expressed any interest.

23. Old Business

The old business agenda items regarding the XtraMark Report and strategic initiatives were once again not discussed.

24. Next ATG Board Meeting

The date for the next regular meeting is Saturday April 6, with venue TBA.

25. Adjournment

Mr. Epstein moved to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Scott seconded; the meeting was adjourned at 12:16 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,
Board member Donna M. Barra

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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