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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - March 2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

La Vida Llena Meeting Space
March 8, 2014
Approved by the Board April 12, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in a meeting space at La Vida Llena. Present from the Board were Vicki Singer, Denise Schulz, Reeve Love, Nancy Williams, Val Scott, Vern Poitras, and Beth Welt, while Leslee Richards, Ann Beyke, and Brian Haney were absent.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Vicki Singer welcomed the Board and extended thanks to La Vida Llena via Kay Grant for allowing us the use of their space.

2. Treasurer’s Report

A motion was made by Vern to approve the February Treasurer’s report. It was seconded by Reeve and approved by the Board.

3. February Board Minutes

The February Board Minutes were approved via e-mail vote, but President Vicki Singer wanted to confirm that they were posted on the ATG website. They are. [All ATG meeting Minutes can be accessed via the Older Feature link at the bottom of the Features sidebar].

4. New Business

  • Board Member changes
    • New Board Member Cheri Costales, who is the liaison for Member Organization elite Dance Company of New Mexico, was to be introduced, but this did not occur because she was unable to attend the meeting.
    • Nan Williams has taken over as Membership Secretary from former Board President and long-time ATG supporter Hugh Witemeyer.
    • Youth Outreach: As of the date of this meeting, we were still in need of someone to serve as the head of this important aspect of ATG business.

  • Replacing Linda Lopez McAllister: former VP and another long-time member of ATG’s board, Linda will be needing assistance in taking over many of the duties she has fulfilled for the past several years. This includes Constant Contact newsletter publication, serving as editor for the Spotlight on Live Theatre, and the creation of the performance calendar. Denise suggested that we consider hiring a social network/web person part time; this could perhaps come out of the McCune funds we were granted for 2014. Vicki’s response was to state that we’ll discuss all of this in extensive detail at our April meeting, which will be dedicated to financial matters.

  • Web domain renewal: the ATG website’s domain is scheduled to expire on April 27. There were a number of options presented by the company who provides the domain, including 1 year for $30, 2 years for $50, 3 years for $70, 5 years for $100, and 9 years for $150. Money exists in the budget for this renewal, but Vicki suggested that we list it as an “operational” cost, which may mean reallocation of the funds by Denise. Denise motioned to approve the 5-year renewal at $100, which was seconded by Vern and subsequently approved.

  • Two Worlds Theater’s member dues were received, but they were very late. There was a question of whether they would have a section in the Spotlight because of it. Vicki used this to illustrate how important it is that the board continue to strive to work with people.

5. Old Business

  • Jonathan Ragsdale’s Memphis reception is scheduled for Thursday June 5. Terry Davis has arranged for the Theatre X space at UNM for the reception after the show. Vicki has sent a second request to Billy Stafford of Sadie’s to inquire about a food donation. We need to keep looking for other possible food donations. Val checked with Peppers. Vicki asked about considering the Roma Bakery and Café. Beth and Nan volunteered to set up the reception.

  • TLC
    • Denise and Claudia were requested to come up with a monthly administrative fee for TLC that includes bookkeeping, PR, and Web maintenance. As of today’s date that has not yet been completed. Denise and/or Claudia will rectify this.
    • There was a discussion of how many of ATG’s services are utilized by TLC. Several items were mentioned: 2.5 pages in the Spotlight, a number of events each month, use of the Constant Contact newsletter and the ATG website for TLC announcements, etc.

  • ATG’s Annual Party, April 27
    • Artist Donatella DaVanzo will have photographs on display at the N4th Theater/ VSA North Fourth Art Center.
    • Entertainment, in the form of music, is being pursued by the Unity Committee.
    • Food is still being worked on; Val took tabs of everyone’s contributions at this meeting! (Please ask her if you need a reminder!)
    • A meeting with the Southwest Irish Theater Festival folks and ATG folks is scheduled for the following Tuesday.

  • The 2014 Southwest Irish Theater Festival is still well under way. Dancing at Lugnasa is set to open at the Adobe Theater for the next installment.

6. Next Meeting

Saturday April 12, 10:30 am-2:00 pm at the home of Nan Williams.

7. Adjournment

Moved by Vern and seconded by Denise, the meeting was adjourned at 11:36 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Welt, Secretary

[Edited by Webmaster]

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