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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - May 2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

ATG Office Space at the Produce Company
May 3, 2014
Approved by the Board June 7, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild had its first official meeting of the Board in ATG’s new home. Present from the Board were Vicki Singer, Denise Schulz, Brian Haney, Beth Welt, Reeve Love, Nancy Williams, Val Scott, Vern Poitras, Ann Beyke, and Cheri Costales. Also present was Linda Lopez McAlister, Chair of the Buzz Committee, and Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Vicki Singer called the meeting to order at 10:12 am, and welcomed the Board to ATG’s office space in the Produce Company (600 1st St. NW). She also welcomed our newest Organizational Representative to the board, Cheri Costales of elite Dance Company of New Mexico.

2. Committee Reports

The board reviewed the committee reports. Linda was invited to discuss the big news from the Buzz Committee—it’s been divided into three segments, now, with separate heads of the sub-committees. Reeve Love has taken charge of the Print Media subcommittee. Vern Poitras has taken charge of the Public Relations subcommittee, and Cheri Costales has taken charge of the Social Media subcommittee.

Linda was also invited to speak on behalf of the Fundraising Committee. Pressing news from that front is the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund (hereafter UETF) grant application, which is due soon. The board spent several minutes discussing what sort of project could be proposed to UETF. One such idea was investing in metal racks or displays for the Guide. A short discussion ensued around the idea of possibly sharing space on other racks that exist in places such as grocery store lobbies, and what cost might be involved in hiring someone to ensure delivery and restocking of copies of the Guide in those locations.

Val Scott was invited to provide her reports from the Unity Committee. She was pleased to announce that the Unity committee was able to keep exceptionally close to its $600 budget for the annual Members’ Party, which took place at the VSA North 4th theatre space on April 27.
Val reported that the party was an overall success, with an approximate count of about 100 folks in attendance—some from TLC, and some ATG members as well. Door prizes were generously donated by several theatre companies, and food, drink and merriment were in abundance. The aforementioned donors were: The Adobe Theater, Aux Dog Nob Hill, elite Dance Company of New Mexico, Musical Theatre Southwest, Champion Productions, Ninette S. Mordaunt, Sherry Rabbino Lewis, and Barbara Witemeyer.

A short discussion was held regarding the attempt to sell memberships at the party. It is an idea that the board will revisit next year.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Denise discussed the financial report for April-May. A motion was made by Nan to approve the report; seconded by Brian. The motion was approved.

4. April Board Meeting Minutes

April minutes were approved via e-mail and submitted to webmaster Joel D. Miller prior to the May 3 board meeting. They are presently available for review on the ATG website.

5. New Business

Board News: Leslee Richards has tendered her resignation to the board. Since it is nearly time for the new term to begin, the board unanimously agreed that replacement of Leslee as an individual member would be best done at the upcoming annual General Meeting in June. The new Board Member’s term would be July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016.

Upcoming Events: The Organizational Liaison’s Meeting will take place June 7 at the ATG’s new home, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Prior to this meeting, it will be announced via e-mail that there are three spots up for replacement on the board at the organizational level. Any organization in good standing may nominate a member to run for a spot on the board, and self-nomination is also fine. Nominees are asked to write a brief statement detailing how he or she would serve to promote the mission of the ATG; this statement will then be circulated to all voting organizations’ liaisons. Voting for an organizational member will be handled strictly via e-mail, and will be announced at the June 7 meeting.

The annual General Meeting for Individual Members will take place on June 14 to be followed by the official “Office Warming” gathering at ATG’s new home. The meeting will cover the presentation of the yearly financial report, as well as a “state of the ATG” by President Vicki Singer. The third order of business to be handled during this meeting will be the voting for individual representatives to the Board. There will be three individual member positions available, with the term to begin July 1, 2014. Any member in good standing may be nominated, and nominations from the floor are possible, as long as the nominee accepts this action. Self-nomination is also fine. A brief statement is requested to be provided by nominees. All voting for individual representatives to the board will take place at this meeting—Members must be present to vote, but not necessarily present to be voted upon.

Budget for 2014-2015: Denise presented her projected budget for the Board to review. The board spent several minutes reviewing and discussing the proposal. Ultimately, it was moved to be accepted by Reeve, seconded by Brian, and approved by all present.

TLC Bank Issues: Checks made out to TLC can no longer be cashed. Therefore, it is up to the members of TLC to make checks out to ATG, and to designate “TLC” on their memo line. TLC is not able to cash checks or open an account since they are not their own business, but are under the umbrella of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild. Kay Grant is aware of, and working toward the fix for this issue.

General Auditions: A discussion was held, with strong sentiments expressed, that the format of the ATG’s annual general auditions was in need of a reboot. Though the dates and times for the general auditions are yet to be determined, there was discussion of offering an audition workshop instead of a general audition. It was also suggested that ATG consider holding a general audition for musicals as well.

Miscellaneous: TLC has suggested that ATG consider applying to create an exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History featuring costumes that have been used in productions all over New Mexico. Historic and period pieces, as well as more contemporary items might be featured. This is still very much in its’ preliminary phase, but the Board was excited at the prospect.

6. Adjournment

The meeting was moved to adjourn at 11:58 am. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Welt,
Secretary of the Board

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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