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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - October 2013

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Vortex Theatre
October 12, 2013
Approved by the Board December 7, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened in the green room of the Vortex Theatre. Present were Board members Vicki Marie Singer, Denise Schulz, Nan Williams, Vernon Poitras, Reeve Love, Ann Beyke, Valerie Scott, and Beth Welt. Absent were Micah McCoy, Leslee Richards, and Brian Haney.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

President Vicki Singer called the meeting to order at 10:13 am and thanked in-absentium member Leslee Richards for her last-minute arrangement of the space for the Board to meet.

2. Approval of the September 2013 Board Minutes

After a brief discussion of the necessary correction to the September minutes by Denise, minutes were moved to be accepted by Nan. The motion was seconded by Denise. All were in favor, and so the minutes were approved, pending the minor correction to be handled by Beth.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Denise pointed out a correction to the version of the report that had been emailed to the board prior to the meeting. This correction is as follows: McCune funds should have been transferred into the account—$7500 that was earmarked for the Guide. $4300 has been spent thus far on the Guide.

A discussion surrounding the guide ensued. Denise mentioned that ad sales may have helped alleviate some of the cost, but figures are not exact at this time. Val would like a full accounting of the brochure, to include cost of ads, printing, etc. Denise suggested that Claudia likely has them. Denise went on to explain some confusion on the accounting—we intend to ask Claudia to create a separate report for month-to-month instead of quarterly, which is what’s required for us to report to the State.

Another discussion that ensued stemmed from the correction to the September minutes—the prior board approved a policy stating that before a committee or individual spends money on something for the ATG, one must ask the Treasurer if there’s money in the bank.

Denise also brought up two additional key points regarding the Treasurer’s report:  One was a question put to the board—and agreed that it should be addressed during the Board’s upcoming retreat—how do we allocate the money that is coming in? The second was a clarification on the figure of $2600 in the report—these are funds that came in due to the September fundraising event. After those points were addressed, Vern moved to approve the report. This was seconded by Reeve, and the Treasurer’s report was approved by all present.

4. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports:

Vicki wanted to focus on Liaisons and Retreat for the meeting, and so suggested that the reports can be read on an individual basis, and emails can happen if there are questions. Brief discussions were held regarding some changes to A Taste of Theatre by Val, which were also e-mailed to each board member. A brief mention of the Prime Time 50+ event occurred, and all involved dubbed it a successful enterprise. There was also a brief mention of the September Theatre Fair at Coronado Center. Though it ultimately proved to be a relative success, there were a few things that occurred that could have made it a disaster. At this time, the board unanimously agreed to address a few particular concerns regarding Committees to “closed door.” Several items of concern were brought up, discussed, and then tabled until the retreat. 

One final item of business here was the “Meet and Greet” Committee’s report to the board regarding being in touch with liaisons to the ATG from member organizations—people just are not responding. Vicki suggests that perhaps the Board needs to be proactive and go to the leadership of the theatres instead. Denise moved to allocate funds from the budget toward efforts to reaching out to our Members in the form of inviting member organizations’ leaders to breakfast, and listening to their feedback—how can the ATG serve them? The motion was seconded by Reeve, and was unanimously approved, with the stipulation that an event to embrace member organizations be organized after these meetings.

6. Old Business

  • The Board Retreat is set for November 9.
  • The Fundraising Task Force voted to be a stand alone committee.
  • Youth Theatre Outreach Team: Vicki was checking with Nina Dorrance about being the new project coordinator. Since this meeting, Ms. Dorrance has agreed to take on this position.

7. Next Board Meeting

The next meeting is the Retreat on November 9. Brian is asking Virginia Ludvik about being a facilitator. A few specifics to address during the retreat are:

  • Categorization of members—is this necessary now?
  • Revisiting of the mission and bylaws of the organization.
  • Creation of a Budget for 2014.
  • Committees, Circles, and Task Forces.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Welt, Secretary

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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