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ATG Minutes of Board Meeting - September 2013

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Tricklock Performance Space
September 7, 2013
Approved by the Board October 12, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened at the Tricklock Performance Space. Present from the Board were Vicki Marie Singer, Brian Haney, Leslee Richards, Valerie Scott, Micah McCoy, Vernon Poitras, Denise Schulz, and Ann Beyke. Absent were Reeve Love, Nan Williams, and Beth Welt.

1. Call to Order, Welcome and Thanks

Vicki Thanked Juli Hendren and Tricklock for hosting the board.

2. Approval of the August 2013 Board Minutes

Minutes from the August meeting were approved. 

3. Treasurerís Report

  • July was a slow month, not many expenditures, but dues are coming in.
  • Only 1 month on the report (reports will run from July-December).
  • Report included bank balances and July/August expenditures and income.
  • Leslee moved to accept, Vern approved.
  • Bank has lost the list of signatories, but Claudia is fixing this. (As of the date of publication of these Minutes, this has been resolved.)
  • Ads sold for Albuquerque Spotlight on Live Theatre pay a commission to salespeople. Previously those commissions were paid right away, as a kindness to the Ad Sales team—when there was a surplus of funds in the bank—but Denise reminded the Board that the surplus has been depleted now, and suggested that in the future, commissions may need be paid when the ad revenue is paid to ATG.
  • Denise will send the treasurer’s report to the Board before meetings if she receives the information in time.

4. Committee/Circle/Task Force Reports

  • Buzz Committee: Report submitted with lots of great information, including the fact that the new Spotilight is out now.

  • Membership: Is in the process of calling non-renewing members and member organizations. ATG should be represented at the MASON (?) Festival in November.

  • Meet and Greet: There have been slow responses to emails, so we agreed to do contacts by phone. We are trying to figure out key members of organizations for contact rather than the liaisons. Denise thought that previous meetings have been more about talking to liaisons than listening to them. Meet and Greeters (Vern, Nancy, Vicki and Brian) should follow up with theatres they know. A more informal gathering at O’Neils or the Art Bar or St. Clair perhaps as a happy hour was proposed, and Leslee will check with the Art Bar about dates. The Liaison Meeting will be separate from the Board Meeting later in October.

  • Fundraising: A McCune grant for funds for an ATG office is to be approved. There will be a fundraising dinner on September 19—each board member is asked to attend with a donating guest. Dinner is at Sam and Jackie Bregman’s house from 6:00-8:00 pm.

  • A Taste of Theatre: A new sound system has greatly improved things and helped to hold the audience’s attention. Val is working on comps at St. Clair for performers.

  • High School Previews: A group attended Mother Road’s The Illusion on September 6.

5. New Business

  • Retreat: Denise told us that last year the facilitator helped with direction for the organization. Val said that there was a problem with follow-through, though. Denise hopes there will be a strategic plan out of this year’s retreat. Brian would like the board members to get to know each other via the retreat. Vicki suggested the retreat format might be group building followed by a break followed by development of a strategic plan. Brian will contact Virginia Ludvik about facilitating. There will be a pre-meeting with Hugh and Linda and other advisors prior to the retreat. Goals will be set for the retreat at future board meetings.

  • Committees: Vicki has solicited current contact information for committees to make a contact list. The Fundraising Task Force should be made a formal committee rather than an ad hoc one, to which everyone agreed, though Denise wondered about how this would work with regard to the bylaws. Beth moved (absentee movement through Vicki) and Denise seconded to make the ad hoc Fundraising Committee a formal committee. Youth Outreach needs a new program coordinator—working with Hugh to have someone by January. Vicki will approach Nina Dorrance who has been working with Youth Outreach.

6. Old Business

  • Website: Joel has take care of the disclaimer for licensing. Dance theatre and cabaret listings are now posted on the Performances page.

  • Donation Thank You Letters: Micah says that Paypal will not allow an auto reply for donations on the website. People can be redirected back to the webpage for a thank you. We might take donation information from the website and send it to an Excel document. We can ask for name, address, phone, etc. on the website—Micah will get in touch with Joel about this.

  • Posters: Val and Vicki are working on ATG posters.

7. Next Board Meetings

  • The next meeting will be on October 12 at 10:00 am, location TBA. There is some concern about Board Members missing too many meetings—according to the bylaws three missed meetings in a row may be cause for removal.

  • The Board Retreat will be November 9. Brian and Vicki will meet prior to the retreat to organize it.

8. Adjournment

The meeting officially adjourned at 11:56 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Haney, Vice President
on behalf of Beth Welt, Secretary

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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