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Minutes of ATG Member Org Reps Meeting - April 20, 2013

Minutes of the Member Organization Liaisons Meeting

Desert Rose Playhouse
April 20, 2013

Approved by the Board May 4, 2013


David Bartholomew—Opera Southwest
Kay Grant—Theatre Lovers Community
Bob Johnson—Sandia Performing Arts Company
Tim Kupjack—Southwest Rural Theatre Project
Reeve Love—National Hispanic Cultural Center
Ninette Mordaunt—ATG Secretary
Rick Nickerson—New Mexico Young Actors
Vern Poitras—Enchanted Rose Inn and Theatre
Rose Provan—Desert Rose Playhouse
Denise Schulz—Blackout Theatre
Valerie Scott—ATG Board
Vicki Marie Singer—Musical Theatre Southwest
Beth Welt—Explora Theatre
Hugh Witemeyer—Adobe Theatre

1. Welcome

Hugh Witemeyer welcomed those in attendance and thanked Shiela Freed, Dagmar Garza, and Chris Love of the Desert Rose Playhouse for hosting the meeting.

2. Albuquerque Journal Theatre Coverage

The recent reduction in coverage of local theatre productions by the Albuquerque Journal was described and discussed. The consensus of opinion among the Liaisons was that the Albuquerque Theatre Guild has no alternative but to mount a public protest against this cutback. The President will circulate a protest “packet” containing information and talking points to Member Organizations. The Organizations will be encouraged to forward this document to their volunteers and audience members, and to urge as many individuals in the community as possible to inform the Journal of their objections to the cutback in arts coverage.

3. ATG/TLC Theatre Fair

Kay Grant and Hugh Witemeyer reviewed the plans for an ATG/TLC theatre information fair at the Coronado Center on Saturday September 21. Participating Member Organizations will have table space in the Mall to distribute information about their activities and upcoming shows. They will also have opportunities to present brief entertainments from recent or upcoming shows. Participants should plan to provide their own publicity materials and costumed volunteers. Members should indicate their interest in taking part by sending an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) no later than May 1, and must submit their final requests for table space and performance slots by writing to the same address no later than June 1.

Kay Grant also summarized the results of a recent survey of TLC members. The survey shows that members are attending more plays offered by a wider variety of theatres than they did before joining the TLC. Kay thanked the Member Organizations for displaying TLC membership materials at their shows and noted that a new leaflet for 2013-14 memberships has now replaced the 2012-13 edition; all members are asked to distribute the up-to-date version.

4. Election of Member Organization Representatives to ATG Board

Hugh Witemeyer reminded Liaisons that they will soon elect three of their number to represent Member Organizations on the 2013-14 ATG Board of Directors. A call for nominations will soon go out, with a deadline of Monday May 6. All Liaisons are encouraged to think seriously about nominating themselves or another Liaison for a two-year term on the ATG Board.

5. Website Announcements of Future Production Proposals

Liaisons discussed a proposal by ATG member Cy Hoffman that a place be created on the ATG website where Member Organizations could list information about long-range plans for future productions. If Organizations post the titles, authors, tentative performance dates, and status of permissions, ATG members can avoid conflicts of scheduling and requests for rights. The Liaisons supported the proposal, but agreed with Vern Poitras that this information should not appear on the website in a form readily accessible to the public, lest it generate expectations that are later disappointed.

6. Recruitment of Individual Members in Member Organization Rehearsals

ATG would like to recruit new members from among the casts and crews of Member Organization productions. This would be done by sending ATG representatives to make presentations at rehearsals and by placing posters with ATG membership information in green rooms. The Liaisons were not opposed to recruiting visits, but recommended that advance permission for them be obtained from directors of productions and from the Boards of participating theatres.

7. Format Changes in the ATG Brochure

On behalf of the Buzz Committee, Reeve Love described several changes that are planned for the next issue of the ATG brochure, “Albuquerque Spotlight on Live Theatre.” To reduce printing costs, the size of the brochure will be 32 pages. Paid-up member organizations will be entitled to one-third of a page for their display ads rather than one-half, and will be able to purchase additional space at an advantageous rate. Some space in the next brochure will be devoted to ads by ATG Business Affiliates, a new category of partners whose enterprises are perennially relevant to theatre activity (e.g., clothing, hair and make-up, set supplies, electricians, plumbers). Liaisons are encouraged to pass on to the Buzz Committee the names of businesses with which their theatres have had longstanding, satisfactory relationships.

On behalf of TLC members, Kay Grant expressed her hope that the brochure will continue to include a map of theatre locations.

8. Free Night of Theatre

Last year, ATG participated for the first time in the national Free Night of Theatre (FNOT) program. Liaisons were asked whether they favor such participation in 2013. In view of the current state of the ATG budget and administrative problems that arose last year, the Liaisons were not in favor of repeating the experiment at this time.

9. ATG Dues in 2013-14

Liaisons were informed that ATG membership dues in all categories will remain at the same levels in 2013-14 as in 2012-13. This will be the fourth year without an increase. However, if additional sources of revenue do not materialize in the coming year, dues may have to go up in 2014-15.

10. Other Business

Valerie Scott announced that the “Taste of Theatre” series at St. Clair’s Winery and Bistro will resume on April 23. She asked the Liaisons to encourage their organizations to provide acts for the series during the coming months.

The “High-School Preview Nights” series also needs member theatres to offer previews appropriate to high-school audiences during the Fall of 2013.

Kay Grant reminded Liaisons that, although not every ATG production can be actively promoted to TLC members, those which offer benefits specific to that constituency (e.g., ticket discounts, talkbacks) will receive special mention in TLC communications.

Respectfully submitted,
Ninette S. Mordaunt and Hugh Witemeyer

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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