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The mission of the Orley Awards is to promote, uplift, and recognize the outstanding work of theatrical artists in the greater Albuquerque area.


Named in honor of Ray Orley, the founder of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild. Our judges are comprised of 21 ATG guild members, individual members, and members associated with theatres in town. Adhering to an agreed set of criteria and nomination rules to remain equitable and impartial, our judges aim to see every show in town and ensure that we recognize and encourage the growth of theatre, dance, and opera in Albuquerque. 

Our judges have been hard at work seeing all open shows. 


For a show or elements of that show to be considered for an Orley award, the producing company or entity must be a part of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild and run longer than a single weekend. Our judges see shows from January through December.


Be on the lookout for updates about the first annual Orley Award ceremony to be held early 2025!

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